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Pool Parties

Pool parties are available from 11a-5p during the days our pool is open and must be reserved.  The entire pool is not reserved for your party and other members will be poolside.

There is a $500 rental fee covering lifeguards, guest fees and towels, etc. in addition to the menu pricing.  We have a specific menu that is designed for the pool area. 

Pool Parties are at General Manager's discretion during the times of our pool season.  We have rental fees as well as food and beverage minimums to reserve the pool area for events and it is based on time of day and nature of party.  Menus are often customized by our culinary team to meet the vision of the party.

If you're interested in bringing guests to pool, please inquire with the front desk for information, number of guests allowed and rules/regulations.

The hours and seasonality of the pool area, including the children's wading area, are dictated by The Club's pool season and hours.

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